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We believe in timely and quality deliverables and have been successful in developing healthy relationships and partnered with clients to design Intellectual Property solutions using out-of-the-box approach, solving critical problems, making informed decisions, and harvesting quality results. Our strength lies in delivering innovative IP solutions to our clients performed by an experienced team of scientists, engineers, and patent agents. Each of our clients’ requirements is distinct and we have designed our services to tailor their specific needs in order to ensure that their IP objectives are accomplished



Novidux IP has a highly experienced and specialized patent analytics team that runs across the depth and breadth of multiple domains including Electronics, Telecommunication, Automobile, automation and Biomedical or Biotechnology to name a few.

Our patent analytics team has a deep industry experience in their respective technical field of interest, excellent IP expertise, out of the box searching strategy, capable of providing innovative IP solutions and state of the art technology there by providing the inventors, patent owners and licensees to discover the inherent value and revenue potential associated with their IP assets.